Teachers and students from European schools are working on tools regarding ELECTRONIC LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS like eJournals, Webquests, Weblogs, Websites, Video conferences, Photo imaging et cetera. It turns out that platforms like Lo-net2, Fronter, Moodle, TwinSpace etc. make it easy to collaborate.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DigiSwicki-Community Search Engine

A few weeks ago I created a community search engine for our digital projects like eTwinning DigiSkills, COMENIUS 1.3 DigiSkills and planned COMENIUS 3 Network MUTANDI, which allows everyone to conduct deep, focused searches on topics you care about.
Watch our Hot Searches!

Everybody can create a swicki and publish it on a web site using this customizable search widget, complete with its very own buzzcloud that constantly updates to show the hot searches in the Digital Community.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Patras - Cultural capital of Europe

20th High School of Patras, Greece

Our town is the Cultural Capital of Europe for the year 2006. One of the most interesting exhibitions took place in Patras, that of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces in construction.
Our school had the chance to admire the exhibits and wonder at the genius of this great artist, architect, mechanic, engineer and universal scientist. We were able to learn about the ingenuity of this man, his ability to foresee the future and how well advanced was he in his discoveries. Here are some examples of his best works:

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Webquest Nr. 2 from Regenstauf

Pupils of form 9 were asked to create webquests about the topic in geography "Genesis of landscapes in Germany".
Here is the result of one group (responsible student Achim Schaller). Have a look at "Entstehung von Landschaften"
If you want to see details of preparations, please click on http://instantprojects.org/webquest/german.php?cmd=resetall

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Etwinning DigiSkills podcast

To involve teachers and students via podcasts turned out to be of advantage in lessons, e.g. in oral testing. There are a lot of educational podcasts alive! Etwinning DigiSkills project has got its own podcast.
Thus, our students should download a podcatcher like iTunes. If students subcribe to a podcast with iTunes, they will be able to get to know all updates like videos or audio files. And all students can do a homework creating audio files about a special subject. That´s another method of teaching. Students from all eTwinning DigiSkills partners could do a podcast project together, for example. I´m sure, students will enjoy it.